Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk


ShoreUPDATE will update and improve information on our current register of coastal heritage sites at risk. With your help, we aim to visit every one of the 940 sites in the highest risk category on the register to assess its present condition. We are also interested in updating information about the remaining sites on the register – as well as receiving new information about sites we don’t know about.

The interactive Sites at Risk Map and the smart phone app make carrying out and submitting ShoreUPDATE surveys very straightforward.

Get started with a tour around the Sites at Risk Map by clicking on the icon to the right. Further videos on our guidance page will take you through everything you need to know to carry out and submit a survey.

Do you have a smart phone or tablet? Then you can dispense with paper survey forms by downloading our free ShoreUpdate app by selecting either the android or apple logo in the side bar. Watch the video guidance for the Apple version and Android version for a useful overview of the main features before you start.

If you get stuck - contact us. We're here to help you.

To get the most out of your involvement with this project - either come along to a ShoreUPDATE training event in your area, or ask us to run one. Here you will receive more information about archaeological survey and coastal heritage in your area, and it's the best way to meet your fellow citizen archaeologists and to find out about other activities and opportunities in the project.