Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

RAF Wig Bay Flying Boat Base

Condition survey, photography, interpretation

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Stranraer flying boats over Loch Ryan, photo J Dalziel
Stranraer flying boats over Loch Ryan, photo J Dalziel

RAF Wig Bay on the sheltered shores of Loch Ryan was developed as a specialist Flying Boat Base in World War 2. During the 1950's the base serviced and broke up flying boats from all over the world. It closed in 1957.

Many people in Kirkcolm and Stranraer have strong connections to and memories of RAF Wig Bay. In this ShoreDIG, local residents recorded what survives of the base and its condition. Photographs, stories, memories and artefacts, that are still very much alive in the local area, are being collated.

In July, young people from Apex Stranraer created 3 short films that tell the stories of the base form the point of view of two men who were children at the time it was operational. You can also see what the young people themselves thought about  learning about the base and learning how to make a film in their funny film about their experiences. Click on the image below to watch the Young Film Makers behind the scenes of the Wig Bay movies.