Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk


One of our projects debated in Scottish Parliament

Our developing project with the Save the Wemyss Ancient Caves Society was debated in Parliament on Tuesday evening.

April 18th, 9:10 a.m.


On the 16th April, Fife MSP David Torrance led a debate in the Scottish Parliament about the threatened Wemyss Caves, home to numerous Pictish carvings. As part of SCHARP, we are developing a project with the Save Wemyss Ancient Caves Society to record the carvings and to make a virtual model of the caves. This collaboration was noted by Humza Yousaf, the Minister for External Affairs and International Development.

The Minister also said that SCAPE will join a working group to review the full range of issues, adding that:

"Quite rightly, there are concerns about archaeological sites being lost through coastal erosion. As we have heard, climate change is having an increasingly negative impact on our environment, including the historic environment, with rising sea levels and increased storm events causing more attrition of archaeological sites each year. Perhaps the work of the working group will serve to benefit not just the Wemyss caves but many sites around our coastal area."