Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk


Sally Magnusson launches SCHARP

August 14th, 6:28 p.m.


Sally Magnusson launched the Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk Project in the dramatic setting of Edinburgh Castle on Wednesday.

Over 60 people from organisations spanning the natural, volunteering, educational and cultural sectors attended the event to find out more.  In her speech Sally drew attention to the reasons why the project is needed, saying, "Scotland’s coastline holds our HISTORY in its vulnerable cliffs and sands – and to lose your history without even knowing you had it, without documenting it and naming it and celebrating it and even trying where you can to save it is ... well, that’s heartbreaking.

This is the People’s Project.  I hope you’ll all support it, bring people to it, and help us to take this first step to enriching and widening stewardship of Scotland’s coastal heritage."