Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

What will the project do?

There are 940 red and orange dots on the Sites at Risk Map. These represent potentially important coastal heritage sites that have been identified as 'at risk' from erosion.  With your help, we aim to visit every one of these 940 priority sites in order to assess their current condition and need for further action.

We are also interested in receiving information about the yellow dots and about new sites.

Find out more about ShoreUPDATE.

Some sites will be highlighted as immediate priorities for more detailed investigation or improved access or interpretation. We will work with you to develop and support community projects for at least 12 archaeological or historical sites around Scotland's coast.

See ShoreDIGs already underway and planned.

By the end of the three year project, the information you have contributed will have helped us to identify what is important and what is at risk, at local and national levels and so improve how we manage coastal heritage in Scotland.


Is there a role for me?

Yes! If you are a regular walker or visitor to the coast or if you live at the coast and know about local history and events related to it, your familiarity and knowledge is already the ideal qualification for taking part and making a valuable contribution. Whether you have hardly any spare time, or lots of it; whether you are 18 or 80 - find out what's involved in volunteering with us and we look forward to working with you.