Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

Re-size an image

Why do I need to re-size my images?

Your photos submitted with each ShoreUPDATE form cannot collectively exceed 10MB. If you exceed this, your record may be lost. To make sure you don’t exceed the 10MB limit, we advise you to resize your photos so that they don’t exceed around 2MB each.

A good rule of thumb we use to make sure photos are a reasonable size is to set the longest edge to 2000 pixels.

You can use any picture editing software you're comfortable with. If you don't have a preferred programme, we suggest either using the free Shrink O'Matic programme, or Paint, which comes free with Windows computers.

If you don’t get along with resizing, upload a maximum of 2 photographs with your ShoreUPDATE forms, email us the rest and we will add them to the record for you. 

How to resize your images using Shrink O'Matic

Download Shrink O'Matic from the Toki Woki website. It might ask to install Adobe Air first - if it does, it's fine, let it download. To resize your photos, open Shrink O'Matic, set your maximum size limits to 2000 pixels, make sure Auto-rename is selected, and then just drag your photos into the Shrink O'Matic window. It automatically creates your resized photo with a different name, so your original full-size picture is safe.

How to resize your images using Paint

Paint is free software which comes with Windows. You find it in the Accessories folder in All Programmes.

Open your photo in Paint.

You can also right click on your photo, select Open with, select Paint from the drop down list.

It is good practice to retain your original photo and work on a copy. Under the File menu select Save As to save a copy of your photo to a different folder or with a different name.

Under the Home tab select Resize.

This opens the Resize and Skew window.

Select Pixels

Make sure that the box in front of Maintain aspect ratio is ticked

If the numbers in the Horizontal and Vertical boxes are more than 2000, highlight the largest number. (This will be the Horizontal for landscape photos and Vertical for portrait photos.)

Change the number of pixels to 2000.

Save the resized photo.