Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

Responsible Access

The important stuff:

Responsible access

Many of our sites at risk are on private land. Everyone in Scotland has the right of access to open countryside, including the coast for outdoor recreation and for crossing land, as long as it is done responsibly. 

The Scottish Outdoor Access Code tells you about your rights and responsibilities when enjoying the countryside and coast.

If there is no obvious right of way or public access to a site recorded on the Sites at Risk Map please don't try and get to it. Just tell us in your ShoreUPDATE survey that the site is not publically accessible. This information is very useful for management purposes.

In the case of dangerous structures and buildings, whether they are on private land or not, NEVER attempt to access them. You can still carry out a basic ShoreUPDATE survey and take photographs from a safe distance. This is all really useful information for us. 

Please respect fences and signage.