Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

Who we are

SCAPE is a charity that seeks to research, conserve and promote the archaeology of Scotland's coast for public benefit. SCAPE is especially interested in remains that are threatened by coastal erosion. SCAPE is run by a board of directors who are all specialists in various aspects of the cultural and natural heritage of Scotland’s coast.


Tom Dawson

Tom has managed the day to day running of SCAPE since 2001. He oversees the Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project. Tom has an excavation background, and has worked as a field archaeologist worldwide. Tom started in archaeology as a volunteer himself and is passionate about increasing volunteer opportunities in archaeology. He is also dedicated to keeping archaeology fun and spreading the word about Scotland’s amazing coastal heritage across the world through his wide networks.

Joanna Hambly

Joanna is an archaeologist with a geographer’s heart. She first came across archaeology as a 17 year old when a friend talked her into volunteering on a dig in Winchester. Twenty five years later, archaeology is still providing her with new experiences. Joanna has worked with SCAPE since 2009 and manages the Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk Project.

Elinor Graham

Elinor also started out in archaeology as a volunteer and has been working for many years with the Arfordir Coastal Heritage Project in Wales for the Glamorgan-Gwent Archaeological Trust. Elinor is originally from Aberdeen and has come ‘home’ to join the Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk team as a project officer.

Natalia Bain

Coming from Orkney, Natalia has been volunteering in archaeology since she was at school. She is currently doing her masters degree in Maritime Archaeology with the University of Southern Denmark and loves focusing on coastal landscapes and community archaeology. Natalia is in the Scotland’s Coastal Heritage at Risk team on a Skills for the Future Bursary through the Council for British Archaeology.