Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys (CZAS's)

Underpinning the project is more than a decade of research carried out by SCAPE and others into the archaeology of Scotland’s coast. Since 1996 Historic Scotland has commissioned rapid coastal surveys known as Coastal Zone Assessment Surveys. Teams of archaeologists walk the coast and record all visible archaeological remains from the intertidal zone to about 50m inland of the high water mark. Geographers are also involved. They record the geology and geomorphology of the coast edge and assess its erosional status.

To date, 28 CZAS's have been completed, covering around 35% of Scotland's 16,000km long coastline, and recording over 12,000 archaeological sites. For the first time, information about every one of these sites is available through the interactive map on this website so that the data may be improved and enriched by your local knowledge, and by the results of your surveys. 

You can access the full CZAS reports as pdf copies here