Scotland's Coastal Heritage at Risk

In 2012, we asked for your help to update records of coastal heritage sites around Scotland threatened by erosion. As a result of your outstanding contribution we have been able to identify the current highest priority sites across the survey areas. This vital information will enable local communities, researchers and heritage managers take a more strategic approach to vulnerable coastal heritage sites in Scotland.

You can find all the project results and outputs on the Results & Highlights and ShoreDIG pages of this website.

A new challenge

A repeat survey will build our understanding of how coastal processes impact different archaeological sites on different types of coastline. With your help, we aim to re-visit every high priority site over the next 3 years. Start your involvement by exploring the Sites at Risk Map to see priorities in your local area. If you are new to us, register as a ShoreUPDATE surveyor as the first step to Taking Part. We look forward to working with you!